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Hair Restoration: Finola’s CNC Transformation

With a family history of androgenetic alopecia, when Finola started experiencing hair loss in her 20s it came as no surprise. She began searching for hair loss solutions, and tried many with no success, including hair extensions, hair pieces, vitamins and special lotions and shampoos. Her research led her to the Cesare Ragazzi CNC system and Sanctüary Hair Solutions.

Hair Restoration: Krystie’s Story

This beautiful woman now has beautiful hair to match her beautiful personality. She was brave enough and kind enough to let us share her story with you.

She has Androgenetic alopecia, and she talked with us openly about her challenges with hair loss and how it impacted her life and her happiness in a negative way. She had tried hair extensions, fiber powders, and wigs but could not find a hair restoration solution that really worked for her.

Cesare Ragazzi CNC Tutorial

This is an example for part of the Cesare Ragazzi process.

This shows how Christopher and Devin will match your own hair exactly, including your hair density, denier, texture and color. Your new CNC hair will look and feel just like your natural hair at its most beautiful.

Pre-Consultation: Getting to Know You

Before you visit our salon, we do a pre-consultation, which allows us to learn everything we need to know about you before you come in. So, when we meet you in person, it’s not a generalized consultation but rather something that’s very specific and individualized to you.

This short video explains how to complete our pre-consultation form.

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