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The staff of Sanctüary Hair Solutions have advanced training in hair cutting and styling, hair coloring, and hair re-texturizing.

Hair Cutting and Styling

Hair cutting styling techniques include scissor, razor and clipper cutting. Advanced training in these techniques have been acquired from training institutions and seminars throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Using a combination of advanced cutting techniques allows the stylist to be able to create and or recreate any style. As all haircuts are made up of only three cutting techniques: one length, graduation and layering, it is up to the stylist to know not only what tools they need to create the desired look but what cutting techniques are needed and where it is necessary to employ them in the haircut to create the finished look that the client desires.

The staff of Sanctuary Hair Solutions have invested considerable time in hair cutting and styling advanced training to be able to provide you with a cut that can be trendy, contemporary, fashion forward, geometric and business appropriate to mention a few possible choices.

Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is an art and science and needs to be left to the professionals who have learned through both professional education opportunities and through experience. When it comes to coloring hair, experience is just as important of a teacher as advanced education.

Our stylists have decades of experience in this arena. During a consultation we will interpret what your end result color expectations are, and then deliver that to you. We will discuss any risks or challenges involved to educate you in making the best color decision so as to give beautiful results while protecting your hair’s integrity and then educate you on home care and professional products that you need to keep your color at its best.

We offer all classic and contemporary hair coloring services. These include, Ombre, Sombre, Balyage, Highlights, Lowlights, Grey coverage, Men’s Hair coloring, Fantasy hair coloring, Rooting for natural beachy blondes, Toning to remove unwanted warmth or to change your hair color completely, yet temporarily so you can change your look at a later date with ease, chocolate brunettes and fiery redheads. Whatever your hair color needs are you should come in and talk with us about achieving your desired look. We are also going to make protecting your hair’s health our first priority.

We like to use very high end coloring products on our clients. The brands we use are Framesi, Swartzkopf and Redken.

When we highlight your hair we can use foiling techniques or hand painting techniques. Sometimes to create the look you desire, a combination of the two techniques are needed.  An example of this is in the Sombre highlights we create which start off delicate and subtle at the roots and then blend or melt into a lighter color towards the ends. We then use an acid based toner which imparts beautiful tones and shine but also closes down your hairs cuticle to help maintain moisture and softness in your hair.

Hair Re-Texturizing

Hair retexturing means changing the natural form of your hair. It can be done temporarily as in a blow out, curling ironing or flat ironing or in a more permanent way by restructuring the permanent bonds in the hair known as di-sulfide bonds which give your hair its form and shape. We use the best permanent wave on the market known as ISO perms, the best Japanese Thermal Straightening system on the market known as Luscio and the best Keratin Smoothing System on the market known as Keratin Complex. The combination of our advanced education, careful techniques, years of experience and the best products on the market make for amazing results.

An initial consultation gives you and your stylist the ability to discuss what style will be the correct choice for your lifestyle and face shape so you will leave the salon excited with the final result. We will also teach you during your visit how to maintain your hairstyle and what you can do to repeat the look when you are home.

If you have questions after your visit with us we are always available to answer your questions, your care from us does not end just because your visit at the salon has finished, we are here for you. We do not believe in interrupting any clients appointment with us, when you are in our salon it is your time, so if you call, e-mail or text us and we cannot immediately respond, we will get back with you as soon as we have an availability.