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A unique approach to Hair Restoration & Care

Sanctüary Hair Solutions specializes in hair restoration for women and men, hair extensions, and trichology (the branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp). We provide a relaxed, caring environment where you can feel comfortable discussing your goals and needs.

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Sanctüary services include all aspects of Hair Extensions, Hair Restoration, hair cutting, hair coloring and highlighting (babylights and balayage) with some of the best color brands available including Framesi, Schwarzkopf and Redken and keratin restructuring treatments. We help to protect your hair during coloring services using Olaplex and Brazilian Bond Builder.

Sanctüary Hair Solutions specializes in the top brands of Hair restoration solutions and Hair Extensions including Cesare Ragazzi, Follea, Jon Renau, Trumatch hair extensions, SoCap hair extensions, Great Lengths hair extensions, Flashpoint hair extensions, Super Remi Hair hair extensions, Ultratress hair extensions, Bohyme hair extensions and our own custom line Hair Extensions by Christopher Devin including the absolute best 100% human European Remi hair as well as Temple Remi Indian hair. We offer most types of hair extensions as long as we believe they are of the highest quality and safest type for our clients.

Hair Restoration Solutions

Cesare Ragazzi logo

Cesare Ragazzi

This is by far the most comfortable and realistic method today. Nothing even comes close to how it matches your hair and scalp, virtually undetectable by sight or touch.

Only the highest quality completely unprocessed virgin hair is used. Whether you have hair or not, it is bonded to your head ( you are not required to shave or cut down any of your own hair ), and you can enjoy any activity such as going to the gym, swimming and being intimate without any worry of it coming off or being detected. You can even wear braids and high pony tails.

Each CNC ( the name of the solution created ) is made directly from a cast of your head so it will fit you like a contact lens.

Follea by Daniel Alain - logo

Follea (Wigs and top pieces)

This brand is the best currently on the market after Cesare Ragazzi.

The best hair and production materials available from any wig company. These are immediately available or can be custom ordered and are absolutely beautiful.

We can custom color them to enhance the finished look. They have multiple levels of quality so we can fit your budget. Perfect for hair loss of any kind.

Hair Extension Methods

I-tips ( aka microlink ) hair extensions

With some of the smallest links available for the most realistic hair extension appearance for the most discerning hair extension client. These hair extensions are considered the top individual hair extension method currently available because there is no heat or chemicals used. The hair extensions are simply attached with pressure.

We can choose the bond color to match your roots to seamlessly blend into your hair. This also allows the hair extensions to be used more than once which can save our clients money during a reapplication.

Hand Tied Weft hair extensions
(aka NBR or Habit Hand Tied)

This method allows the hair to be custom colored and custom blended and is quick to install and re-apply. It is relatively gentle on the hair and is currently the fastest growing hair extension method.

Panel (aka Tape) hair extensions

This method tends to be the safest and fastest hair extensions method. Typically the hair can be used for three applications and with our new Trumatch line which is currently the top tape hair extension brand on the market because of hair quality, the hair extensions can be used usually 6 times. Multiple use hair extensions save money to our clients by using the same hair again instead of needing to re-purchase each time.

Hot or Cold Fusion Keratin hair extensions

Using Italian keratin this method bonds to your hair using heat or sound waves.

Clip-in hair extensions

We can custom order these for you to get a beautiful color match and then cut and install them for you. Then we teach you how to remove, reinstall and care for them at home.

At Sanctüary Hair Solutions

We have invested in employing hairstylists, hair extension artists, hair restoration technicians and hair colorists to provide our clients with the workmanship and service they deserve.

Sanctüary Hair Solutions staff have had some of the best advanced training from institutes and academy’s around the world including the United States, Canada and Europe.

We hope you will join us as a member of our wonderful clientele at Sanctüary Hair Solutions and we look forward to meeting you and, taking care of you.

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