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LED therapy is able to increase blood flow and microcirculation into the scalp


Laser therapy is able to increase blood flow and microcirculation to the scalp. Local vasculature is essential for the correct stimulation of the pilose-sebaceous follicle and the development of its physiological functions.

The increase in blood flow facilitates the transport of the fundamental nutrients inside the follicle (ensuring the right amount of it) and, at the same time, it takes away harmful degradation products, such as DHT (dihydrotestosterone, primary responsible for thinning and subsequent hair loss). This can result in a correct and substantial growth of the hair.

The improvement in microcirculation is therefore related to an increase in cellular metabolism. Once emitted from the device, the laser hits the tissue to be treated and the light is absorbed by the various cells that compose it, causing an increase in their activity. The energy of laser light is initially stored in the mitochondria and is then used to produce new ATP (adenosine triphosphate) molecules.

tricoglam,led,prevent hair loss
tricoglam,led,prevent hair loss


The ATP plays a key role in numerous metabolic processes. Adenosine triphosphate is synonymous with energy, so it is clear that the more it will be in circulation, the more it will be used to encourage all the fundamental metabolic processes, such as the synthesis of DNA and all the other molecules necessary for the normal life cycle of hair.


Laser therapy applied to the scalp can accelerate mitosis (thus causing a strong increase in cell proliferation), inducing transcription factors and stimulating the stem cells of the pilosebaceous follicle.

In a certain sense, laser therapy may reverse the apoptosis process of the hair follicle (i.e. programmed cell death), thus avoiding further hair loss. As a result, treated hair may be thickened, as well as appear stronger and robust.

tricoglam,led,prevent hair loss


Another aspect that could play a significant role in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia is the ability of laser therapy to promote the resolution of perifollicular inflammation, which almost always accompanies hair loss. This is possible due to the modulation of the processes underlying inflammation and immunological responses that may have an effect on hair growth. This effect can be beneficial in preventing or reducing fibrosis (and subsequent damage) of follicles in cases of androgenetic alopecia, especially if associated with sebum hypersecretion with inflammatory reactions.

tricoglam,led,prevent hair loss

How does TRICOGLAM Work?

Various program settings are used to treat the most common scalp anomalies (itching, redness, dandruff, seborrhea) and to prevent hair loss.

100 BLUE LED Energy light: penetrates beating and destroying bacterial DNA barriers. It also has purifying effects on the scalp. Suggested treatment is twice a week, at least for the first month.

100 RED LEDS stimulate the surface of the scalp and in this way stimulate the growth of the hair.

100 LED INFRARED stimulate the metabolism of the hair bulb and the microcirculation of the scalp. Activates blood flow and nourishment, essential for hair growth.

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