happy clients with something to say
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More hair extensions testimonials from clients of Hair Extensions by Christopher Devin

“I would never have considered extensions but for the fact I needed to cover up a disastrous haircut.  Since I’ve never been able to grow my hair long, I figured I might as well go all out.  It was such a dramatic change, at first I wasn’t sure what to think of the long gorgeous tresses falling off my shoulders.  But I happened to be going out with four of my girlfriends that night and their reaction was so over the top and never ending throughout the night, I knew it must be true: I looked fabulous. The cut itself was equally gorgeous.”

Grace S.

“Chris and Devin are both amazing. I started going  to Chris a few years ago, after having extensions done for years by another stylist. Chris sat down with me, free of charge for 30 minutes and went over all the different types of extensions available to me, and what he thought would be best. There was no sales pressure on his part which is rare. He was more than willing to share his advice and knowledge even if I never spent a dime there. He is by far the most knowledgable person I have met with reference to extensions, and I have been doing them for years in my hair.”

Liza Z.

“I moved to DC from out of state and have had the hardest time finding a salon I could trust. I have been to several other salons for weft extension maintenance and have had disastrous results. I read reviews about Chris and decided to give him a try. My best friend from back home owns a hair salon, so I had very high expectations. Chris is AMAZING. He is kind, gentle, and extremely talented. His wife also works at the salon and they make you feel warm and comfortable. He blocked his schedule completely for me and took his time. He is a perfectionist – even going to the length of coloring my extensions at the base so my roots would not show the extensions as my hair grows out. If you are looking for an extension stylist, Chris is your man.”

Rachel L.

“Chris is super friendly and personable that I was so comfortable on the day walking into the salon. He advised me to bring food/friends/laptop because getting hair extensions takes basically the whole day. He started by highlighting my own hair so that it can better match the hair extensions. (Which btw he did an amazing job I almost walked out of the salon with just that! Such an amazing colorist he is) and then went ahead with the microlink extensions. The process is long but the results are far better than what I imaged! It looks awesome in every type of lighting I’m in love! Just know that the difficult part is just maintaining the extensions (brushing the hair frequently and separating the bonds twice a day) Chris has been so helpful and the maintenance hair visits so far have been so pleasant. I got my hair trimmed and got some bonds taken out that were peaking through when I tie my hair. He maintenance visits are free with hair extensions which is awesome. I will definitely go to Chris for all my hair needs.”

Ah Reum K.

“Christopher Rosenthal has been cutting my hair for I don’t know how long. He does a phenomenal job as the other reviews say. I used to have long shaggy hair and when I was finally ready to cut it, I had a style in mind. Chris, not in so many words, said he knew what I needed and gave me the cut I adore. It’s wonderful & he was exactly right. I’ve sent two friends to him & they were happy too. But what I really want to mention is that he is such an interesting guy! I suffered thru small talk with other stylists who only want to talk about the latest paparazzi fodder. Chris has got a lot more going on upstairs & I always enjoy our wide ranging conversations.”

Sharyn H.

“This place is the best! I have had hair extensions 4 times from Chris. I can’t begin to say how much of an amazing job he does. I am so happy that I found this place. If you are thinking about getting hair extensions you absolutely have to go see Chris. I am so overly impressed by this salon and the job he does. I would recommend it to anyone. Well worth the money!”

Katie R.