Cesare Ragazzi

Certified Center
In my search for solutions to help stop or dramatically reduce hair loss and to find a non surgical hair restoration that is completely believable to where the client can look in the mirror and feel like themselves again as well as enjoy every activity without any fears of their hair coming off or revealing in any way that it isn’t real, I found Cesare Ragazzi.

Cesare Ragazzi CNC Hair RestorationFrom Bologna, Italy this is the most advanced technology in the world for both trichology and non surgical hair restoration. It is so advanced that it is 3D printed. We offer relaxed, safe and educational seminars where you are able to find real solutions with myself and my wife Devin and our staff who truly care about helping you get your hair back so you can feel happy again. Contact us anytime to either attend a seminar or have a one on one consultation. We are here to help. We are here to educate you and then help you if you decide our solutions are right for you. Leave us a voicemail or text message and we will get in touch with you. We are looking forward to meeting you and working with you.

Hair restoration that is completely believable

CNC by Cesare Ragazzi is the worlds most undetectable solution for restoring your hair.

We first take two molds of your head, one in plaster and one in fiberglass that we call parameters. The plaster mold makes a perfect impression of your head in all planes and curvatures. We then take hair samples to be matched exactly in their strand size, the color and the wave pattern. Next we decide on the correct density for the hair as well as match the scalp color. All of this information is sent to Bologna Italy. Using the plaster cast, they scan the inside and then 3D print an exact replica of your head in Italy. From this they are able to create an exact replica of your hair and scalp that will fit you like a contact lens on your head. The hair that is inserted matches yours exactly and has another benefit in that the hair is virgin meaning that it has not been processed in anyway. This means the hair will not only look and feel like yours but will act like yours. Now we can bond using pharmaceutical grade adhesives the CNC to your head. This means you do not have to worry about it coming off and can pursue normal activities such as dancing and even swimming with complete confidence that you will look like yourself and your hair will react exactly like yours.

We have chosen to be involved with this solution because of how wonderful it is for our clients. It is the best way to give anyone their hair back and makes them feel amazing. So while having your own hair is the best choice possible, the CNC would be the next best thing. We also offer CR lab trichology treatments. We start by doing a scalp analysis where we measure hydration, sebum levels, pH as well as look at a 200 x magnification of your scalp and hair. This allows us to enter all of this information into a software program which will let you know what correct protocol to follow to correct any deficiencies which will help maximize a healthy scalp and healthy hair growth. We are always looking for the best help for our clients and we believe this is something that all men and women can really benefit from. Call us today to set up a visit where we can further educate you.