CRLab Complete Product Line

CRLab offers the first complete line on the marketplace: to fight scalp anomalies, a shampoo or a lotion are not sufficient. A complete protocol of targeted products is necessary.

step 1


A CRLab exclusive product with great exfoliating and dermopurifying properties, preparing the scalp for the active principles of the chosen line.

step 2


Great cleansing properties specifically tailored for the scalp/hair system, it is right in active ingredients specific to the line.

step 3

first month vial

Concentrated with active ingredients which target the root of the anomaly, without rinsing, so that the active ingredients can be absorbed on the scalp over time.

Strong action, to be used in the first month of the treatment.

Second Month Lotion

Concentrated essential oils used to rebalance the scalp physiology, without rinsing. Provides long term results.

Lotion replaces the vial in the second month of the treatment.

step 0


The first step in the hairloss prevention protocol, provides transdermic action, with rebalancing and restructuring active properties. CRLab tricological exclusive.

daily care products

CRLab offers a range of shampoos, conditioners and restructuring products for daily use. They may be used on the days when the protocol does not take place.

Let’s be honest and admit that a scalp anomaly cannot be solved through the use of just a shampoo or a lotion. Malassezia Furfur is a microorganism which causes dry and greasy dandruff and skin dehydration; sebum hyper production, the presence of toxins and free radicals, inadequate tissue oxygenation, are causes of hairless and thinning hair; these are all conditions in which we can fight only through the synergy of targeted products and a serious and complete protocol, because single products cannot act alone. Our research offers 3 effective protocols to fight the major causes that affect our hair and scalp conditions:
Hairloss Prevention Protocol
Anti-dandruff Protocol
Sebum Regulating Protocol

the recognized efficacy

For the efficacy and tolerance tests of the CRLab topical treatment of both male and female androgenetic alopecia, we used objective evaluation techniques: dermatoscopy of the treated areas, Hair Body measurement, global photo and subjective evaluations techniques; judgement of the researchers on the clinical improvement of the patients (through global photos of before and after the treatments) and judgement of the patient on the efficacy and tolerance level.

100% Satisfied Clients
Clinical tests have led to stunning results: +20% of the hair thickness. 100% of the patients declared to be happy with reached results.

the formulative philosophy

For women and men, CRLab embraces a formulative philosophy based on ‘dermophytocosmesi’, our products are made high quality raw materials, which have undergone a refined productive process, in order to grant an excellent efficacy level.

The synergy of essential oils, plant stem cells and oligoelements, is the starting point for our treatment lines and products, whose primary target is the health of your scalp and consequently your hair.

Our lotions, the result of an extremely accurate and efficient mix – are very target oriented while never aggressive. Our cleaners do not contain harsh cleaning agents, which are normally the cause of dryness of scalp and follicles.
CRLab products are dermatologically tested by Italian University, following the GMP indications.

All of our products are formulated and made in Italy, using the most innovative, safe, and certified high-quality raw materials.

production standards

The CRLab product line is manufactured in full compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.) and applicable regulations on cosmetics (Legislative Decree 126/97 – Law 713/86). The company uses certified raw materials and medicinal herbs for pharmaceutical use from certified suppliers.

All products are dermatologically tested in the Cosmetology Center of the University of Ferrara.
The products are subject to periodic laboratory testing that guarantees their high quality and purity. This data, together with the Safety Assessment, is summarized in the Technical Dossier available for disclosure to the competent authorities (Ministry of Health and Health Inspectors).

dermatological tests

CRLab products are dermatologically tested by Italian universities and they are made following the GMP indications.

All our products are formulated specific to the scalp/hair system, we use only delicate cleansing agents, highly hydrating ingredients and organic materials (like coconut derived).

Paraben Free
Our shampoos, conditioning lotions and vials are paragon free. All our lines are dermatologically tested.

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